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Many people involved with basketball are driven not by the love of the game, but by the pursuit of control and money. In a lot of instances the results can be misleading, creating a dishonest environment. Kids end up being the biggest losers per the aforementioned. At Diener-Ivers we are driven by a love for the game of basketball, and a sincere desire to help young people grow.

There are far more options for playing basketball at the college level than most people are aware. We are connected to coaches’ at all three levels of the NCAA, NAIA, NCCAA, USCAA as well as the nationwide JUCO circuit. We will help players explore all those options to help find the best fit.

We are not a summer basketball program, or team, in any form or fashion. Our vision is to assess each kid’s situation with a lack of bias.

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  2. Diener-Ivers Basketball will be in touch with college basketball coaches at all levels

We charge a one time modest fee of $150.00 (Currently on Sale! Normally $200.00) for the life of the mentorship program

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